Word of Mouth Tactics – Part 3

Last time we talked about the second part of word of mouth tactics which help you put
together a system to help shorten the purchasing decision time of your customers which
can increase your profits immensely.

Today we’re going to talk about the nine levels of word of mouth which gives you a tool
to measure the word of mouth circulating around your company, products and services.

You can then see where you are getting negative or weak word of mouth and find ways
to correct it.

So, launching into the nine levels of word of mouth-it should seem relatively obvious
that the negative levels are, well, negative and the positive levels are positive.

Minus 4
This is the worst of the worst and means your product is creating a scandal. Remember,
when the popular over-the-counter pain relievers, like Tylenol, were deemed unsafe?
Yea, you won’t want that kind of word of mouth.

Minus 3
Disgruntled customers are going out of their way to convince other consumers from
purchasing your products and services. They are boycotting you.

Minus 2
While, not outwardly boycotting, when customers are asked about you they will give a
negative response.

Minus 1
At this level, people are mildly dissatisfied and while not outwardly talking about it, they
will have an opinion if asked. Now they may purchase from you despite their negative
feelings, this can be a little confusing.

Level 0
This is sort of a neutral place to be. Customers are using your products, but don’t really
talk about it. People rarely ask them about it, so they aren’t sharing their opinion with
others. This can be a bit of a slippery slope, because you don’t want to turn that neutral
experience into a negative one. In fact, you should work to make it a positive one.

Plus 1

At this level we are finally starting to work our way into the positive word of mouth
about you company, products and services. Plus 1 signifies that people are generally
pleased with your products, but unless asked, don’t really say anything about them.

Plus 2
When asked, your customers will talk about how much they love your products.

Plus 3
Customers will go out of their way to talk about your products, services, company and
their shopping experience with you. This is most evident when you see how people
recommend movies to their friends and family.

Plus 4
Your product is the toast of the town. There is an obvious buzz going around and your
business is the place to be. People are not only talking about your great products and
services, but they are talking about their shopping experience, your customer service
and how they perceive the company to help them in the future.

Some great examples of Plus 4 companies are:
 Lexus
 Harley Davidson
 Saturn Cars
 Netscape
 Apple Computers
 Celestial Teas

We’re going to leave this lesson for you to mull over and take a look at what kind of
word of mouth you are generating. If you need help with this process, try our GUIDED
TOUR to get help from our experienced business coaches.
Next time we’re going to talk about the 30 ways to harness the power of word of